Mar. 10th, 2017

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There have been so many articles and posts about Buffy and this AM I saw this article. with an interview with 13 members of Buffy's cast/writing/directing team.

I was struck by this quote by Amber Benson
Buffy was an everywoman. She made you think that if she could do all this then so could you.

This was incredibly true for me. When was a time that you thought WWBD? (what would Buffy do?) And you were encouraged to something because of Buffy? How did Buffy change your life? I'm going to share my story and I encourage you to share yours in the comments.

Growing up I was always introverted and shy. As an adult I pretty much grew out of the shyness but I but I still had some lingering introverted traits. One of those traits was that I hated confrontation, and when I did have a confrontation I avoided the person for a good long while. When I saw "Hell's Bells" and the scene where Buffy sees Spike in the hallway, you see she is nervous about talking to him after, the break up. In the scene she swallows, clenches her fist and goes over to say hello. That scene meant a lot to me and I pretty much stopped avoiding people after confrontations after that. I know this sounds silly that a TV show character made me change, but she did. I would never feel comfortable saying this anywhere but here and this being the 20th anniversary I had to share.

Aside from the above story Buffy changed my life by bring me to lj and for that (and the above story) I will be forever grateful.

If you feel comfortable, share a story about how Buffy changed your life.


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