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This probably going to be long and rambling, so feel free to skip if perfume isn't your thing.

Back story - My mom's favorite perfume (her signature scent) was Guerlain by Shalimar she love, love, loved it and wore it all the time. When my mom passed there was a bottle of Shalimar on her dresser. Sister #2, loves perfume and took the bottle. I was shocked! I associated the scent, so strongly with my mom, that I could never even think about wearing it. My sis took comfort in the scent. *shrugs*

More back story - About a year after my mom passed, [profile] beanbeans started doing posts about her love for, and adventures in, trying different perfumes. Her posts intrigued me and I decided I wanted a scent that would be closely associated with me, just like I closely associated Shalimar with my mom.

The above two events started me on my quest for a signature scent. I roamed sites like Fragrantica reading all about different scents. (At the time there were no perfume subscription sites.) I would make lists of perfumes I wanted to try and and make notes on what I thought of them. I go to Macy's armed with a baggie of ground coffee and my lists. (To cleanse your nose palette, you should take a whiff of coffee beans between perfumes.) I rather quickly found out that I liked a softer, flowery perfumes (heavy scents give me a headache.) I also found out that I prefer a scent that has some rose notes but not too heavy with the rose notes.

My searching was brought to a halt, about a year later, (2011) when I tried Bvlgari Rose Essentielle. I love the scent, smelling it always puts a smile on my face and it became my signature scent.

Last year Bvlgari discontinued Rose Essentielle. I have stocked up on several bottles and I hope to get a bottle or two more but now I have to start a new search for a new signature scent.

After I found Rose Essentielle I saw this vid and I was curious about Stella by Stella McCartney but at that time, I was finished searching and never tried the perfume. Now that I am again looking for a new scent, Stella was at the to of my list.

You would think looking for a new scent would be easier in this day and age of perfume subscriptions...NO!!!! Most of the scent subscriptions, pick random samples to send you each month. Other subscriptions companies let you pick a scent or two, to try each month but the choices are limited. Luckily, I found My perfume samples AND.... Stella by Stella McCartney was available to purchase as a sample!!

Last week I purchased 6 samples and they came yesterday. So far, I have only tried Stella and I like it....a lot!! It is now on the top of my list for a new signature scent but the search is still ongoing.

I will try to update my lj with all my adventures in testing perfumes.

If you have any must try reccos, please let me know in the comments.

I hope I didn't bore you guys too much with my perfume talk.


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