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I have tried all of the samples I got and have ordered a few more. I'm not going to overwhelm my flist with a huge info dump about the perfumes I've tried but I will do three at a time.

1. Dior- Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet - FRAGRANCE NOTES peony, rose, orange, peach, musk -- The sample was an eau de toilette, so it wasn't too heavy. When first put on it had a clean soap like smell. On dry down it still had the clean soap like smell but with under tones of flowers. If you like a clean soapy scent than this a must try for you.

2. Jimmy Choo- Blossom FRAGRANCE NOTES raspberry, citruses, rose, red berries, sweet pea, musk, sandalwood. -- First on it was very heavy with grapefruit, but that quickly dies down and you get a sweet flowery smell with under notes of grapefruit. I thought was too sweet and too flowery smelling. It is a nice scent but not in the running for my signature scent.

3. Nina Ricci - L'Extase - FRAGRANCE NOTES- rose, benzoin, pink pepper, amber, white flowers, musk, caramel, raspberry, cedar, vanilla, patchouli, peach, jasmine, pear. -- First on, I got strong caramel smell, on dry down you still got the caramel but the flower notes were stronger. A nice smell reminded me of viva la juicy, which is also a nice smell but too young for me. L’Extase was a more mature scent than Viva la juicy. The caramel gives it a young fun vibe and that’s not what I am looking for in a signature scent. If you like viva la juicy you might like this scent.([personal profile] sandy_s)

Out of the above three samples the only one I'm going to keep and try again is Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. (I also got a sample for Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, which I will review next time.)


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