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I am writing these post for mostly for me but if they interest anyone else, that gravy. Here are some of the other sample I've tried. (This list is continued from my last post.)

4. Christian Dior - Miss Dior- Absolutely Blooming FRAGRANCE- raspberry, black currant, pomegranate, rose, musk, peony, pink pepper.--This was a very heavy scent and totally different than Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (which I liked). I had a hard time defining the different notes because none of them seem to stand out. The scent reminded me of old time perfumes, like Channel No.5, Shalimar and Emeraude. When people say a scent smells like an “old lady” they usually mean it’s too sweet and flowery smelling but to me an “old lady” scent is more of an old time perfume smell, like this.

5. Christian Dior - J`adore FRAGRANCE NOTES jasmine, pear, tuberose, melon, peach, magnolia, lily of the valley, rose, freesia, musk, plum, orange, orchid, vanilla, blackberry, violet, bergamot, cedar --- Frist on very heavy scent w/ heavy lilies of the valley and freesia on dry down (about 45 mins) it evens out to a much softer scent. Even though I liked the dry down, I really don’t like the smell when it first goes on and (for me) I want to like a scent first on.

6. Givenchy - Very Irrésistible L’eau en Rose FRAGRANCE NOTES- rose, musk, blackberry –-- First on very light and powdery smelling. After dry down more flowery and sweet with powdery undertones. This scent was very strong smelling despite the fact that it was an eau de toilette. A very, very pretty scent.

Out of the above three samples the only one I'm going to keep and try again is Givenchy-Very Irrésistible L’eau en Rose.


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