Dec. 6th, 2015 05:05 pm
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Just a reminder... if you participated in [ profile] seasonal_spuffy, this round, don't forget to pick up your "I participated" banner. You have a choice of 2 banners, the one below or one with a comic scene. If you would like, I will personalize the banner of your choice, just go here to pick out a banner and leave a comment.

 photo seasonal spuffy.jpg
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I decided to try something a little different for this banner. It's a Disney Little Mermaid banner but it isn't a "human" version it's a cartoon.

I started off with this picture of Willow
 photo willo.jpg

Then I proceeded to make it into a cartoon. In PS it's filers -- posters edge -- then Image -- threshold. This makes a black and white image that has to get "color in" to look like a cartoon. I then pasted the cartoon Willow's head into the Disney picture. Tweaked the color and added some textures.

All this sounds a lot simpler that it actually was. ~_^

If you would like more details on how I made the banner... just ask!

You can find the banner at my icon journal
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I know the authors on my list are inspired by all sorts of things that can lead to numerous plot bunnies. I don't think it's always the same way with a/w. (At least it isn't for me.)

A few weeks ago I saw this Tsubaki texture set by [ profile] jordannamorgan. The set was so beautiful I decided I had to use it to make something. After looking around I found this picture of SMG:
 photo 8buffysmall.jpg

The finished banner can be found in my a/w journal here

P.S. The frame I used for the finished banner, I got from work, from one of the companies that makes photo albums. If you would like a copy of it drop me a PM. Since it's a PSD I would have to share it, through my dropbox and we would have to exchange personal emails. So PM me.
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Yesterday was free for all day at [ profile] seasonal_spuffy, which was good since I totally forgot to post a banner, when it was my posting day. You can view the banner here or at my a/w journal.

I'm taking a page from [ profile] red_satin_doll and reminding you to vote in a some icons challenges. I was busy with my [ profile] seasonal_spuffy entries so I never got around to entering any challenges this week, but I still want to show support for these communities. So go and vote at [ profile] otherworldlyric - here and at [ profile] slayerstillness - here.

There are some great entries at both communities this round. It only takes a minute to vote and all you have to know is what you like in an icon! Go vote!
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Since I won't be posting any a/w for a while, I figured I would post a Spuffy banner, just to get everyone in the mood for [ profile] seasonal_spuffy. ~_^

This way to the banner
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I made this banner about a month ago and I am finally getting around to posting.

This way to the banner

Dawn Banner

Jan. 2nd, 2015 07:48 pm
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Continuing with my BVtS character study, I'm finally getting around to posting my Dawn banner. Unlike some of the other banners this one is not an AU.

This way to the banner.
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Continuing with my "character study" of BVtS is my "Earth Mother" Tara banner and an explanation of my thought process and the pictures used.

This way to my artwork journal

My first thought when I was going to do Tara banner that she always seemed so nurturing and motherly. That naturally lead me to thinking Earth mother/mother nature. So searching on line I found this "Mother Nature" costume that was perfect for the base.

Finding a Tara head was a little bit more difficult because of the head/neck angle, but I finally found this picture of Amber that worked. I'm not 100% happy with this manip but I think that's to be expected with a weird head angle. If you want a link to the textures I used leave a comment and I'll try to oblige.
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After my last banner, Angelic Buffy, I decided to try to do a (sort of) "character study" of the other Buffy characters. I know this banner is super cliché but I couldn't resist.

Witchy Willow at my a/w journal

Explanation/tips/tutorial(sort of) )
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I love making banners, the bigger canvas with the many intricate layers, is much more appealing to make than the tiny 100x100 canvas of an icon. The thing with making a banner is that you just can't take a cap and rework it, for me, there has to be a story behind the banners, a point for the whole thing. To me, a banner should at very most, inspire the viewer and at very least intrigue them. I guess I am setting very high standards for myself and I guess because of that standard, I don't often get an inspiration to make a banner.

So yesterday I was working with this S5 promo picture:

 photo bufpromo.jpg

I though Sarah's face was very angelic in the picture and that got me to thinking about S6 with Buffy in heaven and that got me to making this banner.

Banner here is my A/W journal.

BTW - Won't [ profile] red_satin_doll be impressed and I took her lead and wrote a post about the thought process of my a/w? I keep saying I'm going to do it but this is the first time I've gotten around to it. Go me!
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It's time to change my lj banner but I can't decide which banner to use. Please take the poll under the cut and help me decide.
Poll under the cut )
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I am just loving the manip challenge over at [ profile] sparkandburn Even though you are only allowed one entry per fandom, I'm having so much fun making the manips. The bases are from from the Annie Lebowitz Disney shoot. So far I have posed three they are here, here and here
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I entered the [ profile] sparkandburn manip challenge It's a Buffy/Angel wallpaper. No, I'm not changing ships go over and see my wallpaper and you will know I'm not changing my spuffy love. ~_^
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I have joined [ profile] fantas_magoria Go look and check them out!

Their first flash challenge was: The book that Giles produces to show Buffy is enormous. What else do you think is in Vampyr? How did Giles get it?

For this challenge you can use pictures, talk about genuine vampire tales, tell stories of some Buffyverse vampires, go over vampire mythology… anything you like!

Under the cut is my idea of what might be in the Vampyr book.

Wallpaper, screen caps by Screencap Paradise
Work safe. Enjoy!

Vampyr )


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