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Jan. 2nd, 2015 07:48 pm
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Continuing with my BVtS character study, I'm finally getting around to posting my Dawn banner. Unlike some of the other banners this one is not an AU.

This way to the banner.
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In the past few weeks I have seen several articles and posts about BvtS villains. . Each article proclaimed that, this bad guy or another, was the best villain ever! I think the reason there are so many opinions on “the best villain” is because the villains on BvtS aren’t cut and dry, one dimensional bad, they are many shades of bad. Here is a poll to break down the many shades of bad. For the purpose of this poll I’m.just doing the big bads villain, the villain who was the cause of the impending apocalypse at the end of the season

[Poll #1869075]
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30 Days of Buffy in One Post Meme

Day 1: Favorite Season

This one was pretty easy, it is without a doubt S5 and S7 not too far behind.
I think the reason I like S5 so much is because it is the first season we really "see" Spike, he's not just the comic relief, wacky neighbor or the evil villain whose plans always fail. He can be all those thing but in S5 we saw he was more. We saw that he was willing to sacrifice his own well being for those he cared about.

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Today was a crazy day. Since it snowed yesterday, I took a vacation day so I didn't have to travel on the first day of the storm. (If this snow keeps up I won't have any time left of a real vacation.) I hate driving in snow and icy conditions, so I took public transportation (the LIRR) to work today, but since it is Saturday the LIRR was on weekend schedule and only ran once every hour. In order to get to work on time I had to leave one hour and 45 minutes earlier than usual. Luckily hubby got his car dug out and said he would pick me up after work.

So hubby gets to the photo studio 45 minutes early (which is par for the course with him because he is ALWAYS early.) My boss has a 4:00 photo shoot for a belly shot (a pregnant woman who wants artistic photos of her baby bump.) The appointment calls and says she is going to be "a little late". She finally shows up at 5:00 (the time I'm supposed to leave.) I can't leave my boss alone with the woman and her overprotective husband. For her modesty, I stay and drape her with fabric. By the time the client leaves poor hubby has been waiting in the car for 2 hours! And...... he never complained!!

After work hubby and I went food shopping, since the cupboards were bare. So, it has been a long, long day for me. I am now indulging in a good stiff drink, than a nice hot bath and bed. I am so glad I have two day off before I have to go back to work.

I can't make a post today without commenting on all the wacky penguin stuff in the fandom. All I can say is that this is why BVtS NEVER gets old.

I hope all on my flist have a very good weekend


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