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I just realized that two days ago was my lj anniversary. I've been on lj for 11 years! Wow! It's hard to believe.

It's been a great 11 years and I am very grateful to all on my flist who have been my lifeline, support and sounding board for the past 11 years. Thank you.
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I was thinking today about lj and I was looking at my flist. Very few on my flist post any more or if they do, not on a regular basis. A few have gone off to twitter or facebook and I hear about their lives that way but I don't want to make facebook or twitter my main social network. I still love lj, I love the idea of lj, I love how I don't have to put my thoughts in a certain amount of words or how I can say what I'm really thinking with out being cryptic. The thing is my flist is dwindling. I don't write fanfiction so people don't come running to my journal, I have to go out and look for new people for my flist. How do you go about making friends who have your interests and are willing to put themselves out there and not just for fandom purposes ?

Sorry about this "whoa is me" post but any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Who is the friendliest person on your flist and would they mind me friending them?


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