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We're here and we are good! We still have lights and no visible damage from the storm. I have spoken to all my kids and they are all safe. We are incredibly lucky.

Thanks to my wonderful flist for all the good wishes.
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The storm has pretty much passed, no more rain but it's still windy. We came though the storm fine, no leaks. no wind damage. I did hear a large crash at 7:30AM and suspect a tree fell on the next block. Even though the storm is over we are being advised to say indoors because the ground is soaked and with it still being windy there is fear of falling trees. After all the mess last night it actually looks nice out.

Thank you all for your good wishes.
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Hubby and I just tied down all the things in our yard, took in several chairs, the birdbath and the solar lights. I hope all of this is just a precaution and Irene misses us. Youngest son has work tomorrow and is planing on bringing food and a sleeping bag, since the subways will be shut down at 12:00 PM tomorrow and he'll have no way to get home. Oldest son says he and his finance are fine because they live in a high elevation area but I am still concerned because he lives very near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. I hope all on my flist say safe this weekend.


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