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Is it just me or did Trump's VP announcement speech sound just as rambling and crazy as Sarah Pailin's endorsement speech ?

God help America if he wins. My kids (and a lot of other people) say it won't happen but they also said he wouldn't get the Republican nomination. I'm so worried.

I just read this Vox article by Ezra Klein and in it he says Trump is a great entertainer. But he’s not running for host of America: The Show. I hope Americans remember that when they vote in November.

The world is not a fun place to be these days.
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What is this country coming to? The front page of all the NYC newspapers is about the size of the front runner of the Republican party's hands penis. Am I the only one who thinks this is totally absurd?
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Since today actually is Wednesday and the Iowa Caucuses are on Monday, plus I hate Donald Trump. Behind the cut are a few Trump bashing banners. (I would have said Trump jokes but that would be redundant.)

I put these behind the cut, so I wouldn't offend those that like Trump and those who don't want to hear about politics.)

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Yes, I know it's not Wednesday and I know many of you have probably seen this already but I just had to post it. Below the cut is the NYC Daily News' front cover, the day after Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump.

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I know it's not Wednesday but I just wanted to share/rant. I just finished reading this article called the "123 things Donald Trump actually said". The whole time I was reading I was going "what?" "are you kidding me?"

What a self centered, self involved moron.

Just because the article annoyed and pissed me off, I thought I would share something I found on facebook. (Under the cut because I don't want to offend any Trump fans out there.

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